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Our Mission

At Seven Springs Education, we are passionate about delivering high-quality, online education that instils a life-long love of learning. Our work brings together cutting-edge technology and teaching expertise to deliver meaningful education programmes. Our international team works closely with families, educators, business leaders and policy makers to expand access to education services that help students achieve academic excellence.

Our Approach

Our approach to online education draws on our extensive experience working with students and educators in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and the UK. Our education programmes use a unique combination of British and Hong Kong pedagogical styles to create an environment that promotes both systematic and intuitive learning.

Our Expertise

Our experienced, multilingual team provides holistic support that nurtures creativity, emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills. We also deliver targeted educational interventions that focus on closing attainment gaps and addressing knowledge shortfalls.

Our Tutors

Our expert tutors are handpicked from prestigious global institutions, including Oxford, Cambridge and UCL, or for their extensive classroom experience working with special student groups, such as students with English as an Additional Language (EAL) or Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND).

Our tutors are highly skilled in teaching a wide range of learning styles and can quickly adapt teaching materials to suit a variety of attainment levels and learning speeds. All tutors have undergone enhanced DBS with children’s barred list checks and are subject to regular performance reviews to ensure a consistently high standard of teaching.

Our International Experience

Our education work in regions including the UK, Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China gives us a detailed understanding of the challenges that students, families and educators must overcome to achieve academic success.

We have helped countless students and their families navigate complex education systems, prepare for international examinations and win places at prestigious institutions. Our intercultural, multilingual team is perfectly placed to provide advice and support to students and families preparing to live and study abroad.

Our Company Family chart. 1. Seven Springs Education (our UK division) provides specialist education services for students in the UK. 2. i-Learner Education Centres (our Hong Kong division) provides in-person education services to students in Hong Kong. 3. Our Overseas Education Services (our International division) helps students from Hong Kong and Mainland China earn places at prestigious UK Independent Schools, including Fettes College, St Mary's Calne and Cheltenham Ladies' College. 4. Our e-Learning Platforms (our International division) helps students in over 5 countries learn languages, mathematics and more online.

Our Websites

Our Clients

Our Work in the UK with International Students

Our experience working in Asia has given our team extensive knowledge of the unique challenges that international students face when transitioning to the UK education system.

Our tutors are dedicated to helping international students adapt quickly to the UK. We also provide UK schools with academic support and translation services.

Our Work in the UK with British Students

Our tutors work with students in the UK who are looking to catch up on tricky topics and those pushing ahead to their full potential. We provide online tutoring for students of all ages in a variety of subjects.

Case Studies

Yana, St Catherine's School, Bramley
Yana has taken English classes in grammar, critical reading and writing with us. She enjoyed her classes and gained a special passion for literature and creative writing.
Moving to the UK in secondary school, she continued to thrive. Her mum was especially pleased with how quickly she adapted to her new educational environment:
“Yana has just obtained all her IGCSE results; she got all 9s except English Literature 8 and Further Maths 7. Yana only started studying English Literature in February last year for her IGCSE, and she is also taking English Literature in her A level. It doesn’t sound like she has been there for only a few months.”
Five Stars Rating
Adrian, accepted by Imperial College London and University College London
When he first joined us, Adrian was highly energetic and struggled to control his behaviour at times. Instead of suppressing his energy through discipline, careful curriculum planning was done to channel it into creative and challenging exercises, activities and writing tasks. He developed into an independent learner who is intellectually curious and innovative, applying this to science projects which has benefited the community. His supportive family is happy to see how far he has come:
“Adrian has grown up with i-Learner. He has never been abroad or studied at an international school. However, he has surprised us with his work and his English. He has handled his range of activities and his studies well. He is very eager to learn. We hope he will become a happy person and a person who can contribute to the community.”
Five Stars Rating
Andy, Fettes College
Our summer courses opened his eyes to new subjects, such as Latin, English Literature and Robotics, growing his interest in international education. Following his successful Year 10 application to the prestigious Fettes College, Andy achieved a number of A* GCSE grades, even obtaining A’s in Latin and English Literature. His parents are very proud of his progress:
“We are very happy that Andy adapts so well at Fettes. We were worried about whether he was able to use English to study for all his subjects. He did well and his English is very good now. He has also made a lot of friends at Fettes. We are very happy to see him growing into a young man who can think independently.”
Five Stars Rating
*Students working with our Overseas Education Services