Support for BN(O) families in the UK

Our company has nearly two decades of experience working with students and families from Hong Kong. We have helped countless students improve their English, prepare for UK school examinations and adapt to life in the UK. Our bilingual team is on hand to provide advice and education support to Hong Kong students and their families.


Our Services

English Language Support

Many students arriving in the UK from Hong Kong find that they need additional support to improve their confidence and ability speaking and writing in English.

Our tutors understand the unique challenges that second language learners from Hong Kong face and use interactive teaching materials to help students improve their English. Our online English as an Additional Language (EAL) tuition is ideal for students who are new to the UK and want to improve their spoken and written English. Our specialist EAL teaching materials and bespoke online learning platform are the perfect way to boost students’ confidence and English skills.
香港學生作為第二語言學習者,要面對的挑戰和考驗是獨一無二的。我們的導師深明這點,善用互動教材,幫助學生提升英語水平。我們的網上課程——英語為第二語言 (EAL) ——非常適合初到英國,並希望提升英語說話和書寫能力的學生。 我們專業的 EAL 教材和度身定制的網上學習平台是增強學生自信和英語能力的最佳選擇。

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UK Curriculum Catch-Up Courses

Students from Hong Kong can face academic setbacks when UK National Curriculum topics differ from the Hong Kong syllabus. Many students need additional support to close their knowledge gaps and help them understand UK schools’ expectations.

Our UK Curriculum Catch-Up Courses are designed to help Hong Kong students catch up with their UK peers and adapt to UK teaching styles. Students gain skills and knowledge required by the UK National Curriculum and become more confident learning in the UK education system.

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Online Putonghua Tuition

Our online Putonghua classes are perfect for students wishing to continue learning from the UK. Native-Putonghua tutors use a variety of interactive learning materials to help students improve their confidence and accuracy when speaking, reading and writing in Chinese.

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Mentorship Programme

Students may understandably feel daunted or overwhelmed by the prospect of moving countries, changing schools, and making new friends. Our Mentorship Programme is designed to help students from Hong Kong adapt to life in the UK.

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Translation Services

Accurate and efficient document translation can be an essential resource when moving countries. Our experienced translation team is on hand to help you translate important documents between Chinese (traditional or simplified) and English.

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How Does It Work? Flow Chart. 1. Simply send our team a copy of the document that you would like translated. 2. We will review the document and send you a quote for the translation within 3 working days. 3. Once you are happy with the quote and payment is received, your translated document will be sent to you via email, mail or DropBox within 5 working days.
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