Our Team

Every member of our team has hands-on experience with tutoring, ensuring that our developments are always in the best interest of our students.

Our Director of Operations Willow Wewitt
Willow Hewitt
Director of Operations

Willow Hewitt has degrees in both the arts and sciences, having studied Creative Writing at Manchester University and Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge. She has taught a wide range of subjects and ages, and her passion for education goes beyond the classroom.
Together with her team at i-Learner Publishing, she has developed almost 250 publications, including adapted classics, STEM texts for young learners and ESL stories. She has also written articles on education for publications such as Playtimes Magazine and edited a Youth Version of a UNESCO Education for All General Monitoring Report.

Academic Qualifications:
BA Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge
MA Creative Writing, Manchester University

Our Education Consultant Joyce Wong
Joyce Wong
Product Manager

Joyce Wong graduated from University College London with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences. Passionate about technology and providing quality education to all, she supports the development of digital learning tools and has taught students from diverse backgrounds.

She delivers engaging lessons that ignite students’ interest and stimulate students. Setting high standards for all her students, she enables them to fulfil their aspirations. She has worked with children and young people in various capacities from running fundraising clubs to working as a private tutor.

Academic Qualifications:
BSc Biomedical Sciences, University College London (UCL)

Our Senior Education Consultant Ceri Moss
Ceri Moss
Programme Manager & Partnerships Lead

Ceri Moss graduated from the University of Cambridge with a BA in Education, English and Drama. Her studies focused on child development and educational inclusion in international contexts, with a special focus on reading acquisition and children’s literature.

She has worked in the education field in both the UK and Hong Kong, helping students to catch-up and exceed their personal goals. Her education consultancy experience provides her with an insight into the UK educational landscape and needs of schools and teaching professionals.

Academic Qualifications:
BA Education with English and Drama, University of Cambridge

Our Directors

Our Directors Alan Sze
Alan Sze

Alan Sze is one of the founders of Nebula Group Limited and has become its executive director after he left his lectureship in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He oversees i-Learner, the e-Learning arm of Nebula Group, which serves nearly 400 schools in Hong Kong, Macau, Japan and Taiwan, with more than 160,000 online students every year. His e-learning team has also developed more than 30 e-learning programmes for schools, corporations and government departments. Alan sees himself an educator, researcher and entrepreneur, who harnesses the potential of e-Learning and business innovation to make education more effective and equitable.

Alan also actively participates in social development and rural development projects, which was his research area during his tenure at the university.

Academic Qualifications:
B. Econ and Master of Philosophy, The University of Hong Kong

Our Directors Kemmiss Pun
Kemmiss Pun

Kemmiss Pun is one of the founders of Nebula Group Limited. She works as a director of education, leading a team of 50 tutors and consultants working on school consultancy, community tutoring, curriculum development and professional development. More than 200 professional development workshops, hundreds of curricula and student projects have been successfully implemented over the past decade, and she has enjoyed every one of them.

Kemmiss is passionate about education and learning. Her fondness for literature gives her a strong sense of empathy and creativity, which has led her to develop many new and engaging ways to teach English and Chinese. These programmes include the i-Learner e-platform series, MandarinKey and Mandarin Pathway, and the popular Critical Reading and Writing, Advanced Grammar and Reading and Love to Write courses that have been taken by hundreds of students.

Kemmiss is a strong believer in education, and she hopes everyone, especially each child, has the opportunity to be tutored and nurtured to achieve their potential and dreams.

Academic Qualifications:
BA English and Comparative Literature, The University of Hong Kong
PGDE English, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
PG Shakespearean Studies, The Shakespeare Institute
MA TESOL, IOE at University College London