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Academic Improvement
Our online 1-to-1 and small groups tutoring is highly effective in helping students to overcome academic challenges and improve their performance in national examinations.

Our booking system enables students and parents to efficiently book online tutoring sessions. Sessions can be rescheduled or cancelled up to 48 hours before the lesson begins at no cost. Tutors can also easily tailor their teaching style and incorporate interactive activities or videos into online lessons.

Students can take online classes wherever they are and do not have to worry about travel arrangements. Classes can be taken at the student’s home or at school. Tutors will also share lesson materials and feedback via our Seven Springs Education Portal, meaning that students and parents do not have to worry about getting textbooks, printing out materials or receiving documents in the post.

Online tutoring does not require students to spend large amounts on travel, printed textbooks or workbooks. At Seven Springs Education, we have a variety of services for different budgets and offer discounts for long-term tutoring plans and school packages.
  • A computer, tablet or phone with a camera
  • A strong internet connection
  • A quiet space

You can check your device settings and internet connection using our Technical Preparedness Check.

Online tutoring can be beneficial for a wide range of primary and secondary school students. However, online tutoring is particularly beneficial for students who:

  • Have recently moved school
  • Have recently moved to the UK
  • Have a Special Educational Need (SEN), such as dyslexia
  • Are struggling with their academic work
  • Are academically gifted and require more challenging work
  • Are preparing for upcoming examinations, such as 7+, 8+, 11+, 13+, GCSE, A-Level or IB examinations
  • Are applying to University

In 1-to-1 tutoring sessions, your child will be the only student in the class and will be taught on their own by the tutor. The tutor will focus solely on accommodating your child’s academic needs and will tailor lessons to your child’s education goals.

In small group sessions, your child will be part of a small class with no more than 6 students. These classes are small enough to ensure that all students receive individual attention and feedback, but are also large enough for students to develop teamwork and public speaking skills. Students will be encouraged to work with their peers on creative projects, to speak and read aloud to the class and ask their peers and teacher questions.

Small group tutoring sessions have a maximum of 6 students in each class. All students will be of similar ages and abilities.

1-to-1 tutoring and small group tutoring can both be very beneficial for students. Generally, whether 1-to-1 or small group tutoring would be more beneficial for a child will depend on their personality, education needs and area of study.

In cases where students have specific education needs or are studying a very niche topic, 1-to-1 tutoring is likely to be more suitable. However, if a student enjoys working with peers and would like to develop public speaking skills, small group tutoring may be more beneficial.

If you would like advice about what type of tutoring would be most beneficial for your child, please contact our team.

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Our Mission
At Seven Springs Education, we are passionate about providing flexible and engaging online tuition which instils a love of learning in students. Our approach to education focuses on academic excellence, flexibility and creativity.

Our Tutors
Our tutors are recruited from the most prestigious UK universities and are highly experienced in helping students to overcome education challenges and fulfil their academic potential.

Our International Experience
Our experience working in Asia has given our team in-depth knowledge about the unique challenges that international students face when transitioning to the UK education system. We are also experienced in working with British families and provide tailored academic and pastoral support for students of all ages and abilities.

Our Price
All our services are competitively priced. We have a variety of services for different budgets and offer discounts for long-term tutoring plans and school packages.

Yes, we offer discounts on long-term tutoring plans and on school packages.